“7 Things to Do with Your Kids in N.Y.C. This Weekend”—The New York Times

“Expect lots of thunder and lightning at this event, regardless of the weather. The young people onstage, finalists in the first Climate Speaks competition, plan to electrify the audience with their own urgent statements about environmental crisis.” Click to read the full article.


“There’s A New Act at New York’s Apollo Theater: Climate Change”—Grist

“Young people have a moral and a political claim in this area that has to be heard — it has to be heard if we’re to call ourselves a civilization,” said [Miranda] Massie. “We need a massive level of motivation and resolve.” Click to read the full article.


“Watch These Young Spoken-Word Poets Take on Climate Change”—NRDC

“Many of the poems were rife with grief, mourning everything from ‘once-colorful corals’ to future daughters who will inherit an unlivable planet, and even the poets’ own childhoods. In her poem on fleeing extreme storms, Katie Lu reflected, ‘My parents could only bring one suitcase, so my youth and responsibility could not both fit.’” Click to read the full article.


“U.S. Teen Poets Find no Rhyme or Reason to Climate Peril”—Reuters

“Protesting is fun but it’s not for everyone,” said the 17-year-old high-school senior [Jordan Sanchez]. “For me, a lot of my activism is through my poetry and through performing as a member of a socially-conscious theater company.” Click to read the full article.

“Talking about Climate Change through Poetry”—Reuters

“‘The most important thing we can do to spark climate action is to reach people emotionally.’ Meet the teenagers who express their views on climate change through poetry - as part of the competition Climate Speaks at The Climate Museum in New York.” Click to read the full article.


Saskia Randle
Arts Marketing Coordinator